DJ Zeno Gabriel Etc. (theogabriel) wrote in transpauper,
DJ Zeno Gabriel Etc.

Poor transguy in NYC

Yo everyone, heads up!
Wanted to know how other folk get around when jobs find reasons to fire, dismiss and well, simply not hire for being trans and alt. You know how that goes, right: they say it ain't the case of your sex orientation or gender identity but you get followed around and profiled for sneezing the wrong way and opening the door with your left hand.
What do people do? Any recourse to action? Anybody got parents who don't give a damn and wish for you to die out as soon as possible?
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I certainly have parents that don't approve of my transness....but I think that's fairly common, sadly. I'm always a bit envious of the trannies that have uber supportive parents that show up during gay pride marches and drive their tranny kids to their shot clinic appointments and shit. :/ MEH.

As far as jobs go: I've always worked customer service/retail/food service jobs or jobs in live theatre. The retail and food service jobs don't really give a shit who you are or what you look like (in my experience) as long as you show up on time and work hard. I've worked my way up from a counter person at a coffee shop to a store manager..about to be trusted with opening a brand new store for the company I work for. :) They're very gay/trans (and gay-trans!) friendly at my place of employ. They recognize that I work my ass off and customers LOVE me (I'm a charmer!)....and really....even though I haven't had any surgeries...and I've been off of hormones for about 5 years (sigh)....I still pass well enough to be treated like "That friendly guy at the coffee shop" by my loyal customers. :)

The theatre jobs didn't seem to have a problem with my trans stuff...I had a couple of small incidences occur...but nothing awful. One time they asked me if I would mind changing job roles from "prop setter/quick changer" to "Light & sound operator" because they felt the actresses should have a female quick changer. I was cool with that...because it was actually a positive on their part. The other thing that happened was when some crazy stage manager fired me for no reason. I don't know if it was because she was power hungry and wanting to show everyone how powerful she could be...or if it was a queer/trans thing...but the owner of the theatre called me a month later BEGGING me to come back at higher
hang in there theo.

A few ideas. If you have a computer, there are jobs you can get on the internet. Check out for just one such possibile place to find work.

You can contact a group like Gender PAC or such if you want to pursue the place that turned you away because you're trans. I'm not sure what the laws are like in NYC right now around this, but I do know there are trans gropus in and near NY that would probably have suggestions for how you can handle it at the very least.

Hang in there dude.
I've had a hell of a time with finding work cause of my trans id. It's crazy. Thus I'm a heavy set person to go along with that, so there's also bias in the corner as well. Hang in there, keep searching around. Like the poster above me said, trans groups in your area, and the internet. I've done some online survey stuff, but it just doesn't pay out as promised. Fast food joints are a possibility, if you're willing to accept min. wage. Stick to the national chains tho, and do some internet research on each place you apply to beforehand. Most have websites, that if you search hard enouigh, can locate a non-discrimination statement.