Cj The Great! (boigrrl1der) wrote in transpauper,
Cj The Great!

Transgender Lobby Day

Transgender Lobby Day, sponsored by Triangle Foundation and TransGender Michigan
Thursday, March 17th, 2005
State Capitol Building
Lansing, MI
Final Schedule*

9 am Meet in Room 424 of Capitol Building. Registration and coffee.

9:30 am Lobby training run by Sean Kosofsky. Rachel Crandall of TransGender Michigan will address the group.

10:15 am Begin lobbying

Noon Lunch together in the meeting room

1 pm Resume lobbying

2 pm Debriefing and discussion in meeting room

3 pm Lobby Day ends

TransGender Michigan will hold a Meet-and-Greet event at Clara's Restaurant, 637 E Michigan Ave., immediately following the Lobby Day events.

* If you have any appointments that conflict with the schedule timing, that is no problem. Please just make sure we knew you came, either at registration or by contacting us.
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