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New member, Androspray

Hi, I'm a new member on this forum, I'm 21 ftm pre-trans asian boy living in the East LA area. I realize this question has been posted a couple of times, but I just wanted to ask. I don't have enough money to start therapy or get testosterones, so I've decided to use androspray for right now. But when I searched on the internet, I realized that there are too many different kinds and I have no idea which one to get. So for all of you guys who's done some research or have used some, please give me the specific web page, or specific brand name that I should get? My e-mail is mickeymousey@hotmail.com feel free to e-mail me or reply to this message. Also, feel free to reply me if you'd just like to get to know me or you live in my area and wanna hang out sometime. Thanks a lot!!!
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