May 25th, 2006

(no subject)

hey guys i made a resource LJ community here.

i am not the greatest moderator. but join if u want to. i have listed some resources in one entry. i would like guys to list GLBT centers that work in sliding scale fees, trans friendly clinics and sliding scale therapists. keep in mind a lot of guys have to pay out of pocket (alot do not have insurance) so if they can save some money great. also wanted trans friendly legal services (sliding scale would be great). the cheapest, and nicest bang for your buck hotels to stay in where the biggest surgeons are. cheapest pharmacies to fill prescriptions and needles. (reminds me i forgot to mention stroheckers and cottonneedles mention that if u want). need trans friendly services for extreme poor and homeless. like shelters, foodbanks, clothing closests. (not just any kind, trans friendly specific). someone mentioned they have services in tucson like this. this is good for guys in bad situations that need to get out ASAP. if u think of something else, list them please. thanks.