December 31st, 2005

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i think i may have discovered a new homemade packer without hair gel running down my leg. my mom bought a pound of gummy bears on sale at kroger and when i held in the hand and squeezed a bit i got the idea. would probably work best with the non lube condoms (the same way you make a homemade temp packer) but instead of using hair gel or gak use gummy bears. squishy but firm. i used baggies (because i was in the kitchen and didn't have any condoms on me). made the dick and the balls. cut most of the rest of the baggie off but left some room so i could tie them together. spun it and tied with a bread tie. could have used scotch tape too.
thought it was better idea for people who needed to make a homemade packer short on notice and resources. i am ordering mine from smitten kitten for $12 next week with free shipping.

here's the directions from a homemade packer (cut and pasted from someone else)
but instead of using hair gel or gak try gummy bears. you can eat your dick later lol.

Home-made Packer (photos coming soon)
6 condoms- unlubed work best
hair gel- unscented if possible
Nickelodeon "Gak"
nylon stocking

If you can't find unlubricated condoms then regular ones will do, just wash and dry them off before you start.

1) Fill one of the condoms with gel until it's about the size you think the penis should be. Remember that most guys at best are only about 4" long when flacid. Tie off the end of the condom and place your newly created penis inside another condom and tie that off too (double bagging helps in case one of the condoms breaks... you don't want hair gel leaking out of your crotch). Do the same thing for each of the "balls". Remember to double bag the condoms. Most guys have one testicle that's a little bigger than the other, so if you can't get yours to be exactly the same size, even better.
2) Once you have all of your components made, tie the ends of the condoms together to make the basic shape or a penis and a set of testicles.
3) Slip that whole thing into the leg of a pair or nylons, and wrap it back over itself a couple times. If you want to get really fancy you can finish it off at the end by twisting the nylons around the tip of the penis to create somewhat of a "head".

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