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Poor and Transgender or Genderqueer's Journal
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Friday, November 18th, 2005

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hey, guys. i have lotsa friends with hORRIBLE credit and can't get top surgery. one started a savings account for this. and one filed bankruptcy last year. does anyone have any ideas what they can do?

and recently i met this awesome guy that started a support group miles from where i am. he noted that a lot of guys struggle with poverty. and said he thought a lot of it had to do with job discrimmation and being comfortable with surroundings. does anyone else have comments about this?

would love to hear from feedback.

also wanted to add that someone told me that the Fan Free Clinic in richmond, va offers free healthcare to ftms (guessing basic healthcare, hormone therapy, blood tests and paps). the person who informed me works with them and says they offer it to any ftm in the state. but guess you have to be close enough to drive there. and i am guessing you have to be the working poor with insurance. but google them and contact them if u are interested.

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