September 20th, 2005


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Hi! My name is Moira and you could probably call me a tomboy femme. Since I left the corporate world earlier this year, I’ve been weeding out a lot of things from my closet that don’t really fit with how I perceive myself. I have literally hundreds of pieces of clothing that I accumulated over the last decade in an attempt to pass as more “girlie” and fit in at an office environment. Many of these items have gone off to eBay-land and, since I’m plus sized, a certain number of them were purchased by transgirls. I find this an interesting twist…a swap of clothing between the gender dissenting! *smile* Since money is tight, I’m always happy to sell off the clothes I don’t need to someone who will appreciate them much more than I do. If anyone’s interested, you can find my auctions at Stormdog and Moira’s Chest O’ Goodies.
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