September 8th, 2005

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Eats 4 Education

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Announcing the first Eats 4 Education fundraiser!!!
Sunday, September 11, 12:00pm
231 Jones St., Lansing MI

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Eats 4 Education is a group of individuals brought together for a common cause through the offering of 3-course meals once or twice a month. The cooking and feeding is supervised by an experienced cook who has been with the Travelers' Club International Restaurant and Tuba Museum in Okemos, MI, for the last 4 years. Travelers' is locally regarded as one of the best places to go and experience foods and drinks from all around the world, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


T.J. Jourian is entering his third and final year of graduate school at Michigan State University. He is an MA candidate in the Student Affairs Administration program with the College of Education. He plans on using his degree to help make higher education institutions more accessible, safer, more welcoming, and developmentally more satisfying places for students of all sexual orientations, gender identities and racial/ethnic/national backgrounds.

T.J. is a transgender activist who was recently profiled in the upcoming Sundance docu-series TransGeneration. The first episode of the series, produced by World of Wonder, will premiere on Tuesday, September 20th. For more on the documentary from T.J.'s perspective, go to his personal site (

Because of unforeseen and irreversible circumstances, T.J. is unable to fully finance his final year. Being an international student, his options for employment that both adhere to federal regulations AND pay enough to sustain him until graduation in May 2006 are extremely limited and have at this point been exhausted. As he continues to do his part to minimize his expenses and make every dollar count, Eats 4 Education is here to help him make an impact. And you can help too!


Eats 4 Education will provide 3-course meals for anyone interested in indulging in some amazing food (vegan and vegetarian options will be present). Meals will be at various days and times to accommodate as many people that want to come. There are also ways to donate for folks who want to help but for whatever reason cannot make it to the meals. The cost of the meals will vary depending on what is served, but will generally hover around the $15 range per person.

Eats 4 Education -

Please direct any and all questions to Also, if you wish to know about future meals and fundraising opportunities (e.g. date auctions, garage sales, etc.), please send us your email at the aforementioned address.