September 3rd, 2005

Off topic and very cross posted

Hey everybody this is a very general question. Not completely about being transsexual but I did want the transsexual perspective because...when it comes to this topic we usually get the very short end of the very jagged stick.

When it's come to religion, specifically Christianity, what do you think of the superficial aspects of the religion?

Such as the people who claim "I'm so Christian" but turn right back around and do drugs, booze, and have sex on trampolines.

Or the ones that are so desperate to force the religion on others so they can feel validated in their own belief (but that's universal).

Or how about the one's out to save your soul? Or the Fundamental Christians?

This isn't meant to start a rant session I just want your opinion on the more shallow and negative aspects (for a short story arc I want to do. For an online Kamishibai. So this isn't for a book or life novel. I'm here because I know the people here will give me HONEST opinions.)

If you can comment on it thanks. Sharing your stories and such that's fine. Just looking for some good honest feedback cause...honestly I think most of us had to deal with the ugly side anyway.
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