February 7th, 2005



Will anyone be needing a very affordable place to live in the Atlatna area soon?

I live in a 1400 sq foot brick duplex (single level, quiet neighbor) with 2br and 1ba, and lots of living room & open space. My current roommate wants to move into a luxury apartment in buckhead but I cannot afford that and pay for expenses.

Rent, electricity and cable/broadband average $450 per month ($275 rent, $100 cable/broadband, power varies). Although, I could be talked out of cable TV which would lower the monthly cost by $50.

I'm generally quiet(esp if others are home) and am a firm beleiver in keeping shared spaces relatively clean and tidy. Smoking is to be done outside if at all. I have a gg friend over once in a while who is very accepting of us but I don't do parties or anything here. I don't use illicit drugs and drink rarely.