August 27th, 2004

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Gasp - I didn't expect to find an LJ community better than trans_goth! But transpauper seems to right where I'm at just now, and might be just what I need.

I live in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia, and right now I'm going through an "my car's in the mechanic's" epic, where it's stuck until a) they finish working on it, and b) I have to money to get it out. The 2nd might not (just) be a problem. I was able to phone the telephone and water companies and get them to defer teh bills by 2-3 weeks. And I've been very careful by spending as little as possible. But I have to be careful, and spend wisely.

Actually, not having teh car's been a big problem, though one I have been working around.

I live in Barnsley, which is a small town/suburb on the outskirts of Newcastlem, a medium sized (400,000+) city about 130km north of Sydney. I moved her some 8 years ago as part of a "geographical" from Perth, which is 4000km west (on the other side of teh continent). It was necesary at the time.Most of my past was in Perth and it seemed a lot harder to grow and change if I stayed there.

I'd just had a redundancy payment at the time, and had a bit of a surplus of $$ with which to do things. Also, I had a rollover fund from 18 years of being a public servant to play around with. I bough (most of) a house, a cra, and had some in reserve for SRS. That last thing was a wise choice (the otehr was paying for the house in full), because when I had my SRS in 2000, I was able to fly to Phuket to have it down, and had the cash to pay for it.

Trouble is, cash reserves always dissappear if you don't replenish them, and I've been surviving on a student's allowance (I went through university as a mature age student) and then a disability allowance, after a physical collapse. Mostly, I manage, but it can be hard sometimes, and juggling bills and plenty of advance planning seems to help a lot.

Over the last year or so I've also been on a Library & Museum Science cource, and should come out of that a qualified library technician. I went to the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Unit, and had a "vocational assessment". The top two options were either: Mortuary Attendent (yeah, sure, and me being 'Goth'); and Librarian. I chose the latter and was a good choice too. I just finished work placement, which involved working 3 days a week in a local public library for five weeks. It was good enjoyable stuff. Library work really does agree with me.

Anyway, in teh middle of this, my car breaks down as I'm going down to meet a Girl (arriving back from SRS) at Sydney airport. I was able to get there and back, just. But it mean that a short drive to work and back became an epic 90 minute trip vis bus-train-bus connection. Then there was trackwork on teh Sydney line and it was a bus-bus-bus connection, of slightly longer length. Got through that, finally.

The thing about being poor, it seems to me, is not that you can't afford things. Rather, it's that you can, only if you plan ahead, and give up lots of other things, like a social life, and convenience. You can go anywhere within reason, provided you plan ahead, and get home early enough. Bleagh...

...this last bout of problems has really been wearing me out!
Anyway, nice to discover this group.
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