July 30th, 2004


Worthy Study x-posted

I found this- I think it's worth a shot. The more of us that participate, the more of our voices that our heard, the more difference we can make in on-going research and our future well-beings. Consider it if you have the time. Thanks.



The Trans Project

If you identify as transgendered, you have a sibling who does not identify as transgendered, and you and your sibling are 18 or over, you can help bring the voices and experiences of trans people into psychology.

My name is Rhonda Factor/RJ and I am a doctoral student in psychology at the University of Vermont. My doctoral dissertation is designed to illustrate the various ways we experience and express our gender identities. While as a group, there are many differences among us; we also share the experience of not identifying fully with the sex/gender to which we were assigned at birth. Our experiences are also similar to and different from individuals who do identify fully with the sex/gender to which they were assigned at birth.

This project is also designed to explore these similarities and differences by comparing your experiences with those of your “conventionally gendered” siblings. The surveys administered to your siblings will simply be entitled “The Family Project” and will not focus on gender identity. In fact, that survey only asks about sex in the conventional way. Therefore, individuals will not be “outed” by sending a survey to their siblings. It is my hope that this project will contribute to a culture that understands, supports, and celebrates the varieties of our gender experiences.

For full details about this study and contact info, please click here.

Email: Rhonda.Factor@uvm.edu