July 3rd, 2004


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hello. i'm a college student from the Philippines, and i've been interested eversince in transvestism and transsexualism. we're doing a paper on homosexual transvestites and transsexuals in one of our major psychology classes. we hope this paper will help gain more knowledge and understanding about transvestites and transsexuals in a predominantly Catholic culture which is still oppressive to those who choose to behave differently. i would just like to add a few questions, i hope you guys can help. thanks in advance.

first, what is the effect of the altering of certain parts of the body on a transsexual's self perception? how does this affect them psychologically and emotionally? what are its rewards on a person's mental/emotional state?

second, what are the factors that make them want to alter their bodies? is it to escape the constraints of the physical and inflexible body? to escape self identity, or to find it?

that's all. hope you guys can help. i'll show you our finished paper when we're through with the research.

more power. thanks. :)