June 11th, 2004


need info desperately (x-post)

i'm stuck down here in the bible-thumping capitol of the world, bumwhozits nowhere Griffin GA, and can't seem to find a single person down my way qualified to even see me as a tg for under 80/hour. wtf... surely there should be someone that is on a pro-bono or sliding scale that is willing to work with those that are less fortunate and can't afford the almost one hundred thousand it takes to get everything done (mind you i'm talking just up to and including SRS not beyond). i mean for farting out loud, the government should actually recognize it as a ligitimate disability and give those that qualifiy SSI until their transition is complete and they can rejoin the workforce. and speaking of SSI/Disability, (i realize this is off the TG topic)what the hell is up with SSI being granted to able bodied foreign imagrants (legal and illegal) that haven't worked a day in their lives, but someone that has worked and put in for SSI since the age of 16 (and she's 42 now) can't get it when she has a debilitating condition that keeps her from being able to work physically. i mean come on... i don't mean to sound racist when i say this because i'm not, but why is it that a black woman with 6 kids and an adiction to crack/cocane has no problem getting SSI but an honest previously hard working white woman is told "we recognize that you are severely disabled, but not disabled ENOUGH for SSI." WHAT THE HAZMANA YOU FRELLNICS!!! (yes i'm a farscape freak)

but back to my main disparity. i need information on low cost and/or free psychs in the southern atlanta to spalding county area (the closer to spalding county the better due to increasing gas prices, Frell you Bush you frelling wanker). Also i would like to note that my wife and i are concidering "renting" a room for the main price of taking care of soem stuff around our house. walking dogs, helping clean up, etc. we're asking for little to no money as far as rent, just enough to take care of the person's share of the food and suplies (unles they pay for their own stuff like detergent, soap, shampoo, etc.). Feel free to email myself or my wife (who is known as liorcoiloin here on LJ) at the following addressees. For me: mystic_feral_8880@yahoo.com (plz put LJ in the subject line somewhere so i don't accidently delete it, i get a lot of crap mail). For Sandy (aka liorcoiloin on LJ) angharad@direcway.com.... putting LJ in the subject wouldn't be a bad idea there too because of junkmail as well.

Aphrodite bless you ladies. :-*
Andresa Tri'aena Lior'coiloin
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