February 26th, 2004

Transgender Games Night

THIS EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE ON SATURDAY MARCH 27th AT 7:00PM (till whenever we feel like it)


please bring a dish of your choosing (preverably veggie/vegan friendly) and your favorite board game or more! ANYONE HAVE TWISTER????

thanks and i hope to see you there!!!

My fiance and I are thinking of having a
Transgender Games Night for Triangle area
transfolk and their S.O.s. it is going to
tentatively be held near the end of next month.
it will be held at my fiance's apartment in the
West Raleigh area.

The night will consist of board games, potluck, video games, movies, and good conversation
for anyone who is interested in attending. Please be prepared to bring a dish of your chosing (preferably veggie friendly) and whatever games you have a desire to play.

If you want to bring alcoholic beverages that is
fine. just remember, it's not a bar. the
purpose of this night is to get to know more
transgender folk in the area in an attempt to
strengthen the community. if you would like to
get together afterwards and go to a bar, that
would be fine. (i'll probably join ya)

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