December 17th, 2003

I know we have a lot of gay and lesbian people in this community

This is an important step BACKWARDS in time, and really needs attention brought to it. Please pass it on in any way you can after you've read it and seen what I mean.


The American Family Association has decided to try and "prove a point" by
having a poll on their website for folks to take about their opinion on gay
marriage. They intend to present the results of this poll to the United
States Congress in an attempt to instate a federal law against Gay Marriage.

It's obvious that they think that this poll will come out in their favor,
and that the vast majority of people will vote to keep marriage for
traditional couples only.

I ask you all to please visit

and let your opinion be heard. It takes about 45 seconds, and it is SUCH an important topic. Whether you are gay or straight, conservative or liberal, your opinion matters, and you NEED to vote here.

The only folks who were even made aware of it's existence were the people on the AFAs mailing list and the people who happened to wander across their website. They have absolutely every intention of presenting this poll in the form of a petition to congress against gay marriage. I wonder if they will still present it when the YAYs outweigh the NAYs?

PLEASE let your voice be heard.