November 25th, 2003

Shocked Bride

Questions about employment

Does anyone know if there have been any recent studies done on trans people and the type of jobs they have? If so, can you give me info on where they were published?

I am curious about what kind of jobs everyone has here. I have been having a difficult time landing a job, and i was just want to know how my peers have been doing. If you feel comfortable, answer the following questions. Feel free to post anonymously.

1) Are you out as transgender, genderqueer or a related identity at your current place of employment?
2) If you are out, were you out to your employer before you were hired or did you come out on the job?
3) Do you "pass" as the gender/sex you identify as?
4) What kind of field do you work in? What is your position?
5) What kind of income do you make? less than $10,000? $10,000+? $20,000+? $30,000+? $40,000+? $50,000+? $60,000+? etc ...
6) Is your employer or workplace LGBTQ?
7) How well do your co-workers treat you?
8) Where is the location of your workplace?