June 9th, 2003


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gender_petitionGender_Petition Help make Livejournal.com officially friendlier to gender variant / genderqueer / trans identities!!!

This community has been created as a petition to the maintainers of Livejournal.com to request listing more than male and female as gender options in the information / profile listings. This community / petition is for people of all genders.

Livejournal.com currently has close to 1,000 users who list transgender as a personal interest, (and this list is growing daily!) There are also well over 200 communities that address gender variance and relevant identities. Even if you identify as strictly male or female, your membership shows support for other people being able to express their gender identity. After all, Livejournal.com is about being able to express yourself.

By joining this community, you are effectively signing this petition to show support for listing more than two gender options in livejournal profiles / info.

Once you have joined the community, you will be able to suggest what other options you think should be listed and participate in further discussion of the topic. Once we have a significant number of members, this community will be directed to the maintainers of Livejournal.com, asking them to expand the current gender options.

Thank you, and please – forward the information about this communities existence!
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