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Poor and Transgender or Genderqueer's Journal
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Saturday, May 17th, 2003

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let me introduce myself...
hi, i'm andrey-->new member. on LJ, tho, I mostly go by Depp. (no relation to johnny). eitherway, i'm trans*, poor & 17. shout out to six: hey, nice picture! remember me from the list?

unfortunately, my parents don't support me right now and it doesn't look like they will. i would like to come out to more of my family. are letters really a good thing? some live here in st. louis (the city i live in), but others don't. i'm considering this as well.

what are some risks of self-dosing with hormones? testosterone is what i'm looking at. i have a little less than a year to wait before i can legally start hormones without my parents' permission...

i just wanted to say hi and i hope this community become a little more active.


Current Mood: discontent

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