March 25th, 2003

jerk off

binder fabric

okay, guys: i may have found the lycra power mesh that underworks and t-male make their binders out of.

the catch is: i have to but ten yards.

ordinarily, i'd be happy to lay down fifty bucks on ten yards of it, which would make binders for the rest of my natural life. but i'm broke right now.

it's $5.50 a yard, plus shipping, so i'm thinking i could pass it on to you for about $6.50 a yard. a lot of guys would be able to make a binder out of one yard of fabric (the dimensions end up being 36"x60", which is almost two square yards). so you'd save, what, like twenty bucks a binder?

anyone interested? this is just a feeler; i need to get a swatch and be sure. i'm thinking about getting a "flesh" colored fabric, which really matches no skin tone on earth but is more geared toward caucasians. obviously, if any men of color are interested, or if nobody digs the idea of the "flesh" color, or if everyone who wants some is lighter or darker skinned than the stuff, i'd go with the classic white.

lemme know, guys.