February 24th, 2003

first doctor visit with intention in mind

I also plan to cross post this post since this post is a very important post to the poster. :D

I assigned an appointment with my GP for Wednesday of this week.. Is there anything we can do without notifying my parents? I am sixteen, and yes, I do know what the hell I'm getting myself into. Now.. I don't want my parents to know about this until I'm well out of the house, and with lots of money and a house and everything.... So... I was thinking of moving out in six months (when I turn 17) in with my sister, who is more likely to even think about understanding my situation, she's gay.. But back to the doctor issue, what should I tell him? Is there anything that we can accomplish that would further me in my transition? I doubt it since I do not have parental backing, which, I do admit, sucks ass. Greatly...