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Poor and Transgender or Genderqueer's Journal
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Monday, January 27th, 2003

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Binding woes...
So. I was getting dressed this morning, putting on my Frog Bra. Why my Frog Bra, you may ask, when I have a Double Compression Shirt? Well, on Friday night I was coming back from the club on the train and ran into a few guys from my dorm. About that time my binder started to roll down. It was extremely cold outside, though, and I also just didn't want these guys to have to watch me adjust, so I just took the pain. And pain it was. It felt like my nipples were being cut off. I kid you not. When I finally got home I stripped that thing off (carefully) and vowed to take a break from it. And THEN, this morning as I was putting on the Frog Bra (which does not bind nearly enough) in front of a mirror and I noticed bruising under my armpit around my ribs. Yup, that's right, binder bruising. It was the first time I'd noticed that since the first time I had to struggle to get the Shirt over my chest. It kind of scared me. Lately, binding at all has been scaring me because my large, fleshy chest (ok, ok, breasts) are obviously changing shape because of it, and my nipples are forever hard and swollen rubbing up against it, and basically I'm worried about my health. Not to mention the fact that it aggravates my fibromyalgia during the winter...I always have to lie down after I take it off. That, and my binder is a significant pain in the ass (rolling up, down, every which way), although the results are good. I was looking at Dr. Brownstein's site, and he recommends this lovely vest, which looks like it would be free from any such troubles. Too bad I don't have money to spend on it. *sigh*

I guess I'll be heading to WalMart next week to look into a Neoprene binder...I'm getting desperate. Someone find me a job so I can afford to pass again without killing myself. Maybe there'll be something at the binder exchange at True Spirit *crosses fingers and hopes.*

Anyone else know anything out there that's good for a 40C cup with sensative nipples AND back problems? Oh yes, that would just be "being female" or "surgery." The second of which isn't an option right now, and the first of which never was.


Current Mood: aggravated and poor

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