December 10th, 2002

Ashleigh 1992-2009

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As if I wasn't going through enough doubt these past few months on my gender identity issues, I finally got around to watching ER from last week. The situation with the guy who had gotten in an accident with his daughter and died on the table was fucked up! For those who didn't see it, the daughter wound up being a son. The decision by the father to acknowledge her identity resulted in a divorce with his bitch of a wife. I was totally livid the way it ended. The mother being notified and coming in and cutting off the daughter's hair and forcing her to be a son!
I am going through trouble with my transformation because I am coming to the realisation that, unless I win the lottery, I will never be able to have the reassignment surgery.
Now, while watching the above mentioned scene from ER, I am hit with another reason to doubt if I really am a candidate. The daughter was in her early teens and was aware of her gender issues in her pre-teen years and dressed appropriately. I never felt that way until I was nearly 30!
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