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Poor and Transgender or Genderqueer's Journal
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Sunday, December 1st, 2002

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need help debunking an annoying stereotype about trannies
Please fill out the survery at the end of this message if you feel it pertains to you. If you find yourself uncomfortable or unable to answer any of the questions, feel free to skip them. If you choose to not answer a particular question, please say why you are not answering it. Thanks!
- kiwi

Hi, my name is Kiwi and i am trannie girl studying
Gender and Sexuality studies. I need a little help
with an independent study that i am doing and i
thought that perhaps some of you could help me out. My
independent study looks at trannies and whether or not
they are gender essentialists (people who associate
specific bodies with specific genders - "biology is
destiny") and reproduce gender norms.

Trannies, particulary transsexuals, have been
labeled as gender essentialists and conversative with
their notions of gender by many feminists/gender
theorists. I wish to dispute that claim with a nice
helping of postmodern theory and empirical data.
Postmodern theory, yum yum. Now, i can take care of
the postmodern theory on my own. What i need help with
is the empirical stuff. What i am looking for are
descriptions of trannies who do not reproduce the
gender expression for the sex that they identify as
and non-intersex people who do not identify as simply
either male or female. I am looking for femme FTMs,
butch MTFs, people who are multi-gendered or
omni-gender, people who don't identify with a
sex/gender, non-hormonal/operative transsexuals,
non-hormonal/operative transsexuals who do not bind or
hide various body parts, etc. Basically, if you do not
reproduce the body or gender expression that is
associated with the gender identity you have, or if
you are just one big genderfuck, i want to hear from

By just seeking "trans trannies", genderfucks,
genderqueers or whatever you wish to call them, i am
not by any means trying to disrespect trannies who
perform gender norms in regards to their gender
identities and/or bodies. I do not feel that a trannie
who is gender normative in relation to hir gender
identity is automatically a gender essentialist (i
also do not think "trans trannies" are automatically
not gender essentialists). I will defend gender
normative trannies against claims of gender
essentialism in my paper too (that is where a lot of
the lovely postmodern theory comes in). The reason i
am searching for "trans trannies" is because there is
very little written about them, and i need to come up
with my own examples of them to use in the paper.

Anyway, if you are trans/gender variant/genderqueer
identified, and you feel that you do not reproduce
gender norms for your gender identity and/or body,
please take a couple of minutes and fill out the
survey below. Feel free to forward this survey to
anyone you know who might be interested in filling it
out. Please email all responses to

thanks for your time,


1. Name (feel free to use a fake name, but please let
me know if you do):

2. Age:

3. Race/ethnicity:

4. Class:

5. Location (city/state/country):

6. What is your gender and/or transgender identity?
Explain in as much detail as possible.

7. What pronoun(s) do you use? Why?

8. Describe your expression(s) of gender. What type of
clothes do you wear? What mannerisms do you use? Are
you passive? Aggressive? How do you interact with
others? What are your interests and hobbies? Where do
you work/want to work? If you are a student, what are
you studying? Yada, yada.

9. Does your expression of gender go along with what
is normally expected for people who share your gender
identity? Explain.

10. Does your physical body (biologically or through
the help of hormone therapy and/or surgery) go along
with what is normally associated with the gender
identity you have? If it doesn’t, do you wish it did
and if so, how? Why or why not?

11. Does your physical body (biologically or through
the help of hormone therapy and/or surgery) go along
with what is normally associated with the gender
expression you exhibit? If it doesn't, do you wish it
did and if so, how? Why or why not?

12. Define man. Are you one? Why?

13. Define woman. Are you one? Why?

14. Define female. Are you one? Why?

15. Define male. Are you one? Why?

16. Define sex. Do you have a sex? If so, what is it?

17. Define gender. Do you have a gender? If so what is
it? Why?

18. Define transgender. Are you one? Why?

19. Define transsexual. Are you one? Why?

20. If you call yourself either a man, woman, male,
female, boy, girl, etc., do you put the word trans or
an equivalent to it in front of the gender identity?
For example, do you call yourself something like a
"trans woman" instead of a "woman"? Why or why not?

22. Is there a real sex? a biological sex? Explain.

23. Have you ever used the phrase “I felt like a
_______ (man/woman) trapped inside of a ______
(woman’s/man’s) body”? If so, what did that phrase
mean to mean to you? If you have never uttered that
phrase, what are your feelings regarding it?

24. Do you wish "to pass"? If so, as what? Why?

25. Any comments or questions you want to make: _____

Thanks for your help!!!! Please send your answers to forbiddenpink@yahoo.com

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