November 13th, 2002



yeah,,,so how in the world i'm i supposed to have my overly enlarged breasts chopped off if i can't get a loan!!!! ahhhhhh

and my credit sucks (i think)---grrrr
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Do you identify as male sometimes, female at other times, and androgynous in between, or as a third gender (or any combination of these, of course!)

Check out our new community, polygender_ppl! This community is open to any and all bi-gendered, polygendered, genderqueer, third-gendered, and transgender (FTM, MTF, etc.) people, and SOFFA. We, just_plain_zac and sometimes_nate, the co-moderators, started this community as a safe space for support, networking, and, of course, friendship among those of us who identify as more than one gender. This community is not meant to replace any other on LJ, but to supplement them by filling a need that we saw among the trans/genderqueer people on LJ. Please check us out, join, and post a short description of yourself!

--Zac and Nate