June 26th, 2002

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>From: Alice Budisatrijo
>Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2002 11:03 AM
>To: HRC Staff
>Subject: "Casting call"
>A youth-produced TV series aired on PBS, TeenLine, is looking for
teens (age
>12-21) who has a unique, compelling story to tell about their
encounter with
>violence and discrimination - based on sexual orientation, race, or
>handicap (or any other form of intolerance.) College students are OK
as long
>as they are able to speak about their past experiences as a teenager.
>shoot is in metro DC area and they need people immediately. So if you
>anyone you know would like to participate, contact Erica Schlaikjer,
>Co-Executive Producer, 301 515 7641, eschlaik@hotmail.com. Story
overview is
>"Unspoken" takes an in-depth look at the harsh reality of
>among teenagers. Producers reveal personal stories of hate crimes
based on
>racial, ethnic, physical, sexual, or any other form of intolerance,
>the perspectives of both victim and perpetrator, as well as the
opinions and
>expertise of law enforcement officials who work to prevent such
>This show will also feature interviews with teen activists who spread
>awareness and educate their peers about the injustices of
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