March 22nd, 2002

  • rezu

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Wow, what an interesting and important topic for a community...

After paying for my rent, therapy, and laser hair removal, saving for my chrondolaryngoplasty (scheduled for this summer) is going to be an exercise in minimal food, bike-riding instead of driving, and little entertainment over the next few months. I have a $25,000/year job, but that's not really much money in the long run, especially with all the trans-specific expenses I'm faced with. Suck!

Hormones for me are not actually a money-drainer. I pay $18 for estrogen and $5 for Provera, only the latter being covered by insurance.

FYI: I'm a transgirl, and I've been on hormones for three months. I just scheduled the aforementioned surgery (my first) yesterday. Thanks for creating this community, whoever you are. :)
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