barefoot boy with cheeks of tan (wooden_boy) wrote in transpauper,
barefoot boy with cheeks of tan

finally, binder fabric!

Okay, guys.

I have verified a source for binder fabric.

This is the 23% lycra powermesh used in the Underworks double compression shirt.

I'll be placing an order soon, and will be happy to ship fabric out to folks so they can make/ modify their own binders. It's $9.00 US per yard, and that includes shipping. (If you need it shipped internationally, it may be a little bit more.) The width on this fabric is 45". My guess would be that a yard or a yard and a half would make a binder, depending on whether you want a full ength one and your size.

Also, if you're domestically challenged and you want me to make a binder for you, I can do that. Not sure yet what that'll cost. I guess, let me know your measurements (your chest across the nipples [all the way around] and just below the ol' man-tits), and whether you want a full length or a half binder, and I'll let you know. Suffice it to say, it should be significantly less than the $30 Underworks and T-Male charge, and it'll be made to fit you. I think also that I'll cut these to the shape of a wifebeater/ A-frame so you can wear it under one of those without it showing. Also, unlike the T-Male one, I'll put in a double thick front. Or triple, if you want. Whatever.

Anyway, comment here and email me at to let me know how much fabric you want, or if you want a binder. I'll reply with my paypal info, and any questions I have.
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